3 Inspections to Have Done When Considering a Warehouse Purchase

When you're considering the purchase of any building, including a warehouse, retail storefront or residential home, you would do well to ensure that the purchase is contingent on inspection reports. This will give you the chance to rethink your purchase if a building inspector notes something that you or your real estate agent have missed during your walk-throughs. If you're thinking of buying a warehouse, note a few inspections you might want to have done beyond just a standard inspection that checks electrical and plumbing systems and why these can be vital.

Rodent and pest infestation

No matter how clean a warehouse appears to be, there is no way to discern if there is a rodent or pest infestation behind the walls or even in the building insulation. Rodents and squirrels often burrow into the insulation of a building, and termites, ants and roaches are easy to overlook in the large area of a warehouse. Note, too, that even if you do see the occasional bug or rodent scurrying around the building, this doesn't mean the space is infested. Have the building properly inspected so you can know if you would need an exterminator or if any infestation has caused damage to the building materials.

Air quality

Even if a warehouse is very open and airy and seems well-ventilated, you may still want to have it inspected as to its air quality. Improper handling and storage of chemicals, gasses and other such materials can mean the build-up of radon, carbon monoxide and other dangerous elements.

You might also note that a warehouse may seem open and airy when you inspect it for purchase if the current owners have moved out their items or have had it cleaned for viewing; however, this doesn't mean the air is necessarily safe for your workers. Have the air quality checked even if you don't smell anything unusual or if you feel that the building is properly ventilated.


Asbestos can be found in a building's insulation and also in the soil of the property. It has also been found in various compounds including glues and adhesives, caulking material and the like.

If asbestos is found in a building, even if it was present before you became the building's owner, you may be financially liable for cleaning it and removing it and for any medical costs for those who come into contact with it. This is why it's good to have an inspection done, so you know your risks if this substance is found anywhere on the property.