Two Steps to Take Before You Put Your Property Up for Sale

If you want to reduce the chances of your property being on the market for months on end, there are a few things you should do before you put it up for sale. Read on to find out what these are. Make it neutral Many real estate agents believe that it is absolutely essential to make your home decor as neutral as possible before you put it on the market. In practical terms, this means removing all of the personal clutter around the property and changing the decor to make it slightly more generic. Read More 

Two factors which can affect how quickly a property sells

If you're eager to sell your home as quickly as possible, it's important to understand what things may influence a potential buyer's interest in it. Read on to learn more about two factors which many real estate agents say can affect the speed with which a property sells. Clutter and cleanliness In theory, potential buyers should be able to look beyond a property's superficial flaws; in practice, this is rarely the case. Read More 

3 Inspections to Have Done When Considering a Warehouse Purchase

When you're considering the purchase of any building, including a warehouse, retail storefront or residential home, you would do well to ensure that the purchase is contingent on inspection reports. This will give you the chance to rethink your purchase if a building inspector notes something that you or your real estate agent have missed during your walk-throughs. If you're thinking of buying a warehouse, note a few inspections you might want to have done beyond just a standard inspection that checks electrical and plumbing systems and why these can be vital. Read More 

The Disadvantages Of Beachfront Properties: Advice For Home Buyers In New South Wales

The idea of an idyllic beach home is a dream for many Australian buyers. With nothing but the sound of the sea and the sight of the surf as your neighbours, it's easy to see why there is such a high demand for these properties. However, if you're thinking of buying beachfront real estate, you should carefully consider some of the downsides to this type of property. Make the right buying decision by thinking about the following disadvantages of beachfront properties in New South Wales. Read More 

From Location To Marketing: Turning Your Investment Property Into An Executive Rental

Executive rentals – they give business travellers and upscale short-term renters a place to stay that is cheaper than most hotels, and they provide landlords with a great stream of income. If you are buying an investment property, moving out of your current home or feeling tired of dealing with the long-term residential rental market, consider turning your property into an executive rental. Here is everything you need to consider before you get started in executive leasing: Read More