Office Cleaning Tasks You Should Always Leave to Professionals

When you manage an office, you may want to perform some office cleaning tasks on your own or put someone on your staff in charge of these tasks, rather than having a professional cleaner do these for you. This might be to save money on that cleaning service or because you think they won't be able to manage certain tasks safely and effectively. Whatever the reason, note a few cleaning jobs that should always be left to the pros, and why a cleaning service will be better able to handle them for you.

Cleaning bathrooms

While your staff might be encouraged to keep bathrooms clean by wiping out sinks after their use, always leave the actual cleaning of bathrooms to the pros. This is because the cleansers needed to thoroughly clean toilets, sinks, and floors can be very toxic and irritating; asking your staff to even mop the floor can mean exposing them to those chemicals and irritants, and being liable for any resultant breathing disorders or skin irritation. You also want to ensure the cleaning is done thoroughly so that the bathroom surfaces are hygienic and safe for your staff.

Dusting light fixtures

It's never good to ask employees to get up on a ladder to perform any work, as this can mean being liable for an injury if they should fall. However, even if you have a long-handled static duster in the office, don't assume this is all you need to handle dusting light fixtures on your own. Those fixtures can be delicate and also dangerous if you were to touch wiring behind the bulbs with the duster. A professional cleaner will know how to properly clean around any light fixture, including recessed lights, hanging lights, and fluorescent panels, without damaging them or risking injury.


Even if you don't need to get onto a ladder to clean windows, you don't want to try this on your own. Cleaning windows without leaving streaks and dirt behind can be more complicated than you may realize; using standard window cleaner and paper towels often results in windows that end up looking dirtier than when you began! You may also scratch and etch the windows if you use the wrong tools or if there is a large build-up of dust and dirt on their surface, as running a towel or even a squeegee over dirty windows can mean pushing dirt into the glass, causing scratches. A professional cleaner will be able to properly and safely clean the windows, without damaging them or leaving dirt and dust behind.

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